Monday, July 7, 2008

Home to Pys60 developers -

Good news for all Pys60 Enthusiastics. I hereby announce the launch of - "Home To Pys60 Developers !"

"This project is a joint venture by Pankaj Nathani and Bogdan Galiceanu"

We have tried to integrate everything about Python for S60 on ! Many of you might have known about my tutorials on Pys60 at my Home Page - ; here we have just tried to make it more better for the new developers as well as advanced developers. The tutorials are freshly prepared and in a more organized manner to learn Pys60 with ease ! The tutorials are simple, extensive and contain code snippets of almost all the modules as well as some third party extensions that may be required for addition features.

Moreover we have also introduced some new concepts like "Pys60 Talks" and "Pys60 Applications". These added sections will only allow the developers to widen their knowledge about Python for S60.

PyS60 Talks would be an interactive session which would be held online where Pys60 developers can meet and share their ideas. The first Pys60 Talks session would be announced in a few days.

Pys60 Applications is a section where every ten days, we feature one standalone application in Python for S60 (with source code), so that other developers may learn from these ! :-)

You can read more about all the features of on the this page.

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