Saturday, March 29, 2008

E90 ! (Quick Review )

Yesterday, I received my E90 from Forum Nokia as my Champion's device. I didn't have proper look at it yesterday, as I was engaged in some other work, but at the end of the day I was able to use it and see its features.

On the first look when I picked it, it really seemed more heavy that I thought, but all communicators have that generation drawback :) Its not exactly black niether brown, I feel its in between them, bit like expresso Brown. Well most of the things looked similar to my N95, I was really impressed with the landscape screen and the QWERTY keyboard. It seemed as if working on a palmtop. However the default screen (other than the landscape) disappointed me, I feel its a bit smaller and could it be little bit more big then it could be more helpful.
I installed some applications to see how it differed from my N95 , Firstly I installed ______... Any guesses? ? Of course its our beloved Python for S60 and the Script shell (Unsigned as I did't want to getout of my bed and get it open signed in the middle of the night :) ) And well I was too impressed by the view, Python really looked grand and elegant on the E90 landscape screen, and I straight away took out my N95 to take a photo of it the QWERTY keyboard it feels very good to write python scripts in PED and running and testing it on the device :) Great !

One thing that I say I had bad experience with the E90 is the Opera browser, I installed Opera mini version 4 from the official site and it worked fine on the small screen at first look, but while adding new bookmarks to the browser it always got stuck for a minute or so and then again worked fine. In the Landscape view there were instances when I could see only graphics on the site and no text. So I say I will prefer the default web browser in the E90 rather than opera mini.
But in the N95 I will always go for the opera mini :)

To have a final word on this today, I will state that E90 is a very good device, the best communicator, but bulky, so I won't carry it in regular use, I will prefer the N95, the light sabe, in the daily use and keep the E90 for special corporate occasions :)

Best Regards

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Porting My Homepage to a WebServer

I am planning to port my homepage ( ) to a web server.

My homepage consists of tutorials, code snippets and News of mobile application development specially for developers and learners of Python for S60.

I had set up my homepage since September 2007 and it expanded very fast. Many people across the globe have befitted from it and will continue to do so.

I have some more good news for Pys60 learners, this time when we port the tutorials on to the server they will be expanded and many real time applications will be added to the same which will help the developers understand how actually applications are made on Pys60.

Those of you who wish to donate to the cause can do so by clicking here.

Pys60 no longer remains a prototyping tool as it was meant to be. There are many new innovative concepts that are coming up with Pys60 and it can also prove to be a good development tool. And atleast I have proved it by "Swap Profile", MobileRules Technology Innovation Competition 2008 Finalist

Best Regards
(Pankaj Nathani)