Saturday, March 29, 2008

E90 ! (Quick Review )

Yesterday, I received my E90 from Forum Nokia as my Champion's device. I didn't have proper look at it yesterday, as I was engaged in some other work, but at the end of the day I was able to use it and see its features.

On the first look when I picked it, it really seemed more heavy that I thought, but all communicators have that generation drawback :) Its not exactly black niether brown, I feel its in between them, bit like expresso Brown. Well most of the things looked similar to my N95, I was really impressed with the landscape screen and the QWERTY keyboard. It seemed as if working on a palmtop. However the default screen (other than the landscape) disappointed me, I feel its a bit smaller and could it be little bit more big then it could be more helpful.
I installed some applications to see how it differed from my N95 , Firstly I installed ______... Any guesses? ? Of course its our beloved Python for S60 and the Script shell (Unsigned as I did't want to getout of my bed and get it open signed in the middle of the night :) ) And well I was too impressed by the view, Python really looked grand and elegant on the E90 landscape screen, and I straight away took out my N95 to take a photo of it the QWERTY keyboard it feels very good to write python scripts in PED and running and testing it on the device :) Great !

One thing that I say I had bad experience with the E90 is the Opera browser, I installed Opera mini version 4 from the official site and it worked fine on the small screen at first look, but while adding new bookmarks to the browser it always got stuck for a minute or so and then again worked fine. In the Landscape view there were instances when I could see only graphics on the site and no text. So I say I will prefer the default web browser in the E90 rather than opera mini.
But in the N95 I will always go for the opera mini :)

To have a final word on this today, I will state that E90 is a very good device, the best communicator, but bulky, so I won't carry it in regular use, I will prefer the N95, the light sabe, in the daily use and keep the E90 for special corporate occasions :)

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