Sunday, January 6, 2008

My First Blog

Hi Friends and my Best Wishes on New Year 2008,

Atlast I got some time to Blog. I am really sorry to all my friends who have been mailing me for months to start Blog, specially after the Launch of My Pys60 on googlepages and Pythonfors60 Google Group. So Here it is Finally.

Lets quickly talk about whats going around.

Talking about Python I would like to mention about the Sensor API that has been used to get data from embedded sensors. Using the 3D acceleratometer in N95 (specially) and some other devices like N93i or N82 many applications have come up.
Just to have a look at it on our FN Wiki. The List is updated with new additions regularly.
Also you would love to have a look at this - N95 driving a remote control car. Also do check out the listed emtube application-used for viewing You-Tube Videos on N95. Its also has a specially Rotate me feature for N95.
Dont Forget you can get all of the latest modules and news on python for S60 at My Pys60 on googlepages and Cyke's Page.

I am currently working on some location based applications for Non GPS devices. I am really impressed with google maps application that really aids to the Non GPS devices. Its really interesting to know how it gets the location of a device without using GPS. I will have more of it in the next issue. Also cellid is a feature in python which needs to be exploited and it can usefully be employed in Location based applications for Non GPS devices. I am doing some research on it.

And to Leave you with some great applications for 3rd edition devices

Best Regards

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